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«Big Dutchman» — international company, supply modern equipment for keeping, growing  and fattening pigs in more than 100 countries.

With high experience in technological solutions and systems the "Big Dutchman" provides with equipment for fattening pigs, feeding technology, and providing microclimate in the building makes conclusive economical success.

Company provides with different types of equipment for breeding pigs. The control system in several types: dry, liquid and individual. Chain feed provides high level of automation and safety in maintenance, fast feeding and possiblity of balancing the feed, and the low expenditures, labour expenditures and energy efforts of servicing for a long time.

Feeding automachine -- Lin Machine, Simultane - supports in making feeds for all weight category of pigs - from shoat pigs till pigs on fattening, using feeds as flour, granule or grit, exact balancing of feed (10 levels of adjusting). Using equipment of stainless steel and plastic, that suitable for secondary processing, using light dismantling and provide its durability.

1938 The birth of our company dates back to 1938. In that year, the brothers Richard and Jack DeWitt, whose parents emigrated from the Netherlands to the US, invented a sophisticated machine for automatic feeding of their poultry stock. The feeder transported feed via a mechanically driven chain. It was to become the world's first automatic feeding system! To supply the rapidly growing demand for these feeders, the two brothers set up a division which was devoted exclusively to automatic installations for poultry management. They named the new enterprise "Big Dutchman" - reflecting their pride in their Dutch ancestry.

TODAY Basically, with over 600 employees in the Calveslage headquarters and 1500 employees worldwide, Big Dutchman is still one large family. Naturally, we are proud of the fact that our products are among the best in the industry, that we are considered the market leader, and that we plan and create solutions for the future. However, people come first - before any technology. The technicians, the servicemen, the buyers, the sales representatives, the logistics staff, the sales co-ordinators, the pleasant ladies at the reception desk - each one is a part of the whole, a part of Big Dutchman. They are all committed to do their best for our customers' satisfaction - your team for any problem.

NATURA - The modern aviary system for barn and free-range laying hens. With the four different models NATURA-Nova, NATURA-Nova Twin, NATURA-Step and NATURA-Colony we have the appropriate solution for every stall, whilst also facilitating economical and simultaneously animal and user-friendly egg production.

Egg collection systems - adaptable to different house designs, ease of operation and gentle egg handling, with the right system – either lift system, elevator or Multitier collection (on several tiers) for each application. This leaflet shows how to reach a high collecting perfor-mance, adaptation to an egg grader or useful accessories.

Colony 2+ - The automatic group laying nest with tilting nest floor and central egg belt ensures optimum quality of hatching and commercial eggs in broiler breeder and layer management. This newly designed nest has a divided tilting nest floor. Before the nest is closed at night, all eggs can roll off backwards onto the egg belt.

Drinking systems - Here you find a survey on our nipple drinkers and round drinkers for rearing and heavier poultry. The respective accessories as e.g. cable winches or water connection units are also part of the complete program. - To always have fresh and clean drinking water at the birds’ disposal.

Viper - the modular climate and production computer for an optimal climate and more efficiency in your poultry house. The easy-to-operate Viper registers all important data concerning production, growth, feed and water consumption, mortality and climate for better production performance and a higher yield.

Eurovent EU - the enriched colony system for layers. Our proven colony system meeting the most recent EU standards. This system stands for a high laying performance, environment-friendly dry manure and for excellent egg quality. The result: Maximum hygiene with optimum product safety.

EUROVENT-Parents - The ventilated manure belt battery for layer breeders is characterised by the production of clean hatching eggs, a low salmonella risk, an optimum number of birds and low labour and control requirements. The cage width and therefore the flock size can be specified by the customer.

AVIPLUS - the new comfort system for small groups of layers with perch, nest and litter bath. Fulfils all the requirements of the current CE guideline. Aviplus is a completely new design of comfort system meeting the natural behaviour of the birds and fully satisfying all the requirements of animal welfare.

UNIVENT - the manure belt battery with wire partitions and collapsible air duct. UNIVENT is available for layer management with or without ventilation, from 3 to 10 tiers and with a cage width of 60 cms. This system allows producing eggs of constantly high quality very efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Avimax - The multi-tier battery for hygienic, efficient and successful broiler growing. AviMax transit combines the AviMax broiler cage with an innovative manure belt system that doubles as an efficient new means of broiler transport. The patent pending pivoting floor optimizes housing conditions during the growing phase and permits easy moving-out for ready-to-slaughter broilers.

Fluxx - the feed pan ensures successful rearing and growing, from day-old chicks to broilers ready for slaughter. This innovation offers numerous advantages as e.g. the patent-pending 360° flooding feature. To meet the requirements of the different international markets, several different models of FluxX are available.

Augermatic - with Big Pan 330 or Big Pan Plus — our effective feeding system for modern broiler growing. Big Pan 330 is the proven feed pan for the so called ad libitum feeding and Big Pan Plus is ideally suited for controlled feeding of broilers.

REPROMATIC & FluxxBreeder - the feeding system for broiler breeders. With this system, all birds can reach the same amount of feed at the same time. The CHALLENGER feed chain conveys large quantities of feed to the special FluxxBreeder feed pan which can be used for starter as well as rearing phase.

MPF-Chain feeding - the automatic chain feeding system is a proven and reliable feeding system for layer fatteners. Its main parts are hopper, drive unit, trough with grill, corner, Autolimit feed scale and the original CHAMPION chain. The high chain speed (36 m/min) is the base for successful restricted feeding of layer breeders.

MC 235 - the Big Dutchman-computer for an optimal climate control in smaller poultry houses. This user-friendly climate computer is a must for a reliable ventilation system in our broiler- or layer houses. The temperature-controlled emergency opening fail-safe system ensures the survival of the animals in case of power failure or technical breakdowns.

Fresh air supply systems - whether negative pressure, positive pressure, or equal pressure ventilation is required, to ensure an optimum fresh air supply into the barn, Big Dutchman offers a wide product range of different air supply systems: wall or ceiling inlets, fresh air chimneys FAC or Fumus, Baffle or Splitbaffle. Find out more in this product leaflet!

HYDROMIX - modern and economic liquid feeding system for the future. Be it the small or the large version, the name Hydromix does not only stand for reliable liquid feed supply to all animals, but also for a high-quality system and maximum hygiene. More than 7000 farmers world-wide fully rely on Hydromix.

HydroAir & HydroJet - Accurate and hygienic liquid feeding systems for piglet rearing developed for piglets in the rearing phase with weights from 6 to 40 kg, can also be used for sow feeding. Both systems can be used for preparation of feed mixes from up to 40 different components,providing flexibility in the use of low-cost ingredients.

CallMatic 2 - new computer-controlled feeding-on-demand system for sows in group management. This Big Dutchman system combines the advantages of animal-friendly housing and liquid or dry feeding adapted to suit each individual animal. Find out for yourself the sophisticated technology and high functionality!

Automatic feeders - for piglet rearing and pig finishing : for a good piglet start, high daily weight gains and easy handling. Big Dutchman offers a wide range of automatic feeders for different areas of application, whether for piglet rearing, pig finishing, large group or individual feeding.

Sow management - Modern housing and feeding systems - detailed product information on service centres with boar pens and crate stands, group management for pregnant sows with SIMULTAN or feeding-on-demand system as well as farrowing and piglet rearing pens and automatic dry feeders.

Floor systems - for active sows and healthy piglets are productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly. Apart from the high-quality plastic slats, we also offer cast iron slats and heating plates as part of our extensive product range. The great flexibility of our modular system makes any farrowing and rearing pen design possible.

Housing equipment - for modern piglet rearing and finishing – In addition to optimum feeding technology Big Dutchman is also able to offer you animal-friendly, easy-to-clean housing systems for piglet rearing as well as finishing. Our flexible modular system allows the design of any type of pen size independent of the building xonditions and barn dimensions.

Sow management - Modern housing and feeding systems - detailed product information on service centres with boar pens and crate stands, group management for pregnant sows with SIMULTAN or feeding-on-demand system as well as farrowing and piglet rearing pens and automatic dry feeders.

Drinking systems - Whether in sow management, piglet rearing or pig finishing: Optimum supply of fresh and clean drinking water to all animals is extremely important. A sufficient quantity of water has to be available, it has to be clean and within easy reach of the animals.

MagixX & StuffNix - Exhaust air treatment for pig and poultry houses. To get a licence to build a new pig or poultry house, public authorities often require an exhaust air pollution abatement facility. This leaflet informs you about the various Big Dutchman solutions for effective exhaust air treatment.